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Economic Forecast


Download the Perryman Economic Outlook Here.

Dr. Perryman is Founder and President of The Perryman Group (TPG), an economic and financial analysis firm and  headquartered in Waco, Texas. His complex modeling systems form a basis for corporate and governmental planning around the globe. His thousands of academic and trade articles and presentations span a wide variety of topics, gaining him international respect and acclaim. He has also authored several books, including Survive & Conquer, an account of the Texas economy during the turbulent 1980s, and The Measurement of Monetary Policy, a treatise on Federal Reserve activity. A popular speaker, he addresses hundreds of audiences throughout the world every year.
The Perryman Short-Term Economic Forecast is produced annually and provides economic projections for the nation, Texas, the state's major metropolitan statistical areas, economic regions, and council of government regions. The latest publication was presented January 2022.