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Waze Announces Transport SDK


This is a big one. Today we’re excited to introduce a Waze Transport SDK (software development kit) which will allow partners to easily implement some of Waze’s most useful features, natively in their own apps. Using the SDK, businesses will be able to improve their own services by utilizing Waze’s ETA, turn-by-turn navigation and preferred routing, all while reducing the friction of having to swap between apps - a common complaint amongst professional drivers. 

Who’s on board? 

We’re excited to welcome our first set of partners who will be giving their apps a boost with the Waze SDK: LyftGenesis PulseJustParkCornershopCabify and 99Taxis.
Spanning nine countries and several different industries, this diverse group of partners highlights the various ways in which the SDK can be used to improve existing services. 

Everyone Benefits 

The Waze Transport SDK is a big win for partners, users and of course the whole Waze community. 

For Partners - The Transport SDK can help grow your business. Better optimized routes means more customers served - and in the case of emergency dispatch providers, like Genesis PULSE, could lead to more saved lives. Partners are also empowered to build new features that will make their apps even better. 

For Users - Passengers may end up waiting less time for a ride and enjoy a faster, more efficient (and likely the safer) route. Innovative technology is also extremely awesome. Imagine being able to know the exact minute your delivery will arrive at your door. 

For the Waze community - Adding hundreds of thousands of professional drivers to an already existing 50 million + Wazers is a surefire way to improve the Waze map and feed even more data back into Waze, which can then help us all drive safer (and smarter) on the road. 

The SDK is capable of supporting a partner in any country where Waze has a presence and will be open to all types of partners where Waze believes it can have an impact, for example food delivery, valet parking and more.