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Our Results

As of December 2018, the TEDC has worked on 180 projects since 1989 that have created 10,829 new primary jobs, retained 14,991 primary jobs, and generated over $1.1 billion in new investment in Tyler/Smith County. Every community that strives for stability and prosperity should make every effort to invest in its existing future industry. The TEDC has developed a solid mission and strategy to extend the business life cycle, market area resources, and help diversify the Tyler/Smith County economy.

Retention & Expansion

Focusing our attention on existing business and industry is a cornerstone of successful economic development and keeps the local economy thriving and competitive. The TEDC has worked on 84 projects that helped retain or expand primary jobs and/or investment in Smith County. These retention and expansion projects have created 5,323 new jobs, retained 14,991 jobs, and created over $691 million in new investment.

New & Small Business

It is critical for any community to provide financial tools and business assistance to develop and cultivate small to mid-size businesses. After all, these businesses are primarily responsible for most of all the new jobs and wealth created each year. The TEDC has helped several small to mid-sized businesses find the tools they need to succeed with their products and services. The TEDC has had 44 successful business projects that have created 1,086 new jobs and created over $53 million in new investment.


Each year, thousands of businesses relocate to other parts of the nation and world to find competitive labor, infrastructure, markets, and other resources that will make their business more profitable. The TEDC makes every effort to market Tyler/Smith County's resources in order to attract these relocations. Since 1989, the TEDC has assisted with 52 relocation projects that have resulted in the creation of 4,420 new jobs and created $408 million in new investment.