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Retention & Expansion Survey

Download Retention & Expansion Survey Here

The goal of the Retention & Expansion Survey is to provide assistance and resources to area companies. With the information gathered from the survey, the TEDC intends to encourage additional investment and promote the creation and retention of local jobs. It has been noted that over 80% of community growth results from existing local business expansion.  This survey is conducted every few years to assess the strength and growth potential of Tyler manufacturers, processors, and distributors through your perspective. Individual surveys are kept confidential and the data published in aggregate form.

You can download our latest Retention & Expansion Survey by clicking the link or picture to the left. The directory is only available only in PDF format.


  • Participation: the 2015 Retention & Expansion Survey had a response rate of 24.4%.
  • Growth: 50% of the survey respondents feel that their Smith County location is expanding. 50% of the survey respondents feel that their Smith County location is stable. 0% of the survey respondents feel that their Smith County location is declining.
  • Local Organizations: The community organizations that received the most favorable ratings (on a scale from 1 - 5, 5 being the highest) were the Hispanic Business Services Office (4.00), the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce (4.13), and the Tyler Economic Development Council (4.29). The community organizations receiving the least favorable ratings were the Texas Manufacturers Assistance Center (TMAC) (2.75) and the Tyler Department of Building Inspections (2.75).
  • Community Resources: When asked to rate the quality of certain community resources on a scale from 1 - 5 (5 being the highest), the following received the most favorable ratings: Gas Utilities (4.00), Phone Utilities (4.00), Liquid Waste Disposal (4.25), Hazardous Waste Disposal (4.14), Fire Protection (4.30), Law Enforcement (4.56), Medical Services (4.70), Truck Shipping (4.00), Private School System (4.00) Colleges & University (4.30). The following resource received the least favorable rating: Traffic Flow (2.89).
  • Assistance: When asked to choose what types of economic development assistance the respondents could benefit from, Workforce Development received the greatest clicks (7), followed by Advocate to Government/ Legislature (5) and Infrastructure Upgrades (5).