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Tyler Industrial Park

The Tyler Economic Development Council (TEDC) has owned and managed 150-acres within the Tyler Industrial/Business Park since 1994 . The park is located at the intersection of west Loop 323 and Robertson Road and is occupied by a variety of manufacturing, office, distribution, and retail businesses. Approximately 90 acres of greenfield remain in the park, all zoned M-1 with the exception of the pad site in front of Hollywood Theaters. Although one of the available sites is strictly available for retail development due to its size and location, the TEDC aggressively promotes the majority of sites for manufacturing, distribution, and corporate headquarters and is very amenable to businesses that create a significant amount of new jobs and investment.


Utilities for electric, gas, water, and storm sewer are available at all sites. However, some or all the utilities may need to be extended on larger sites pending the amount of land purchased, the configuration of constructed facilities, and the overall volume of services needed. Fiber optics are also available in the park but are not extended to each site.


Available Sites  |  Aerial Photo  |  Topographical Map



The park was originally managed by the Tyler Industrial Foundation, who donated the park to the TEDC in 1994 to promote economic development. Many businesses were already in operation during this transition, which includes companies such as Carrier, JRD Plating, Marvel Oil Company, Aramark, Andrews Center, and many other offices and manufacturing companies. A few residential homes were also occupied in the northeast corner of the park. Since 1994, the TEDC has sold the following parcels:

Purchaser Date of Purchase Acreage Sold
FedEx July 1995 4.2
Hollywood Theaters  October 1996 8.2
Office Furniture USA  October 1996 2.5
Overnite Transportation  February 1998 3.7
Tractor Supply/Rudy's BBQ  May 1999 4.8
Aramark June 1999 3
East Texas Food Bank  April 2000 3.8
Steamatics May 2000 0.9
Meals on Wheels  January 2001 4
Austin Bank  October 2001 1.2
SuddenLink (formerly Cox)  December 2001 8
Sherwin Williams  July 2005 1.3
Chicken Express  May 2006 1.2
Action Cleaning November 2006 1
Tyler Junior College November 2008 10.9
City of Tyler November 2009 1.4
5 Tyler, LLC (Texas Attorney General) September 2011 2.3
Tyler ISD July 2013 24.83
Fresenius March 2016 5.24
Legato Holdings (Texas Dept. Health & Human Services) February 2018 2.233
Jucy's Hamburgers July 2019 1.54
Air Pro Elite November 2020 .838


Along with the City of Tyler's zoning and permitting requirements, the TEDC also enforces a set of covenants/deed restrictions that define the type of construction and development requirements of newly purchased sites. These rules help the park maintain a pleasant business park look. To view a copy of these covenants, click the link below.

Download the Covenants Document in PDF

One additional set of restrictions apply for the remaining pad site in front of Hollywood Theaters. This agreement, between the land owner and Hollywood Theaters, outlines the appropriate uses of the site, sharing of common areas, and other issues that would directly affect the purchase.